Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kiranada Benjamin Workshop

Kiranada Benjamin left, front row. Students with their work. 
A three day workshop was given by the master silk artist Kiranada Benjamin click here for website at the end of June in Atlanta at the SEFAA Center ( An intense and information packed wonderful three days where ten of us learned Japanese Rozome (wax resist) with techniques using bokashi, etching, and stencils using acid dye pigments from Japan and soy milk as sizing. Here are some samples of things we practiced:

blending using special handmade Japanese dye brushes

etching on wax resist and filling in lines with dye

blending, wax resist in layers, wax crackling

Kiranada Benjamin plans to return for a 5 day workshop in March of 2014 in Atlanta to once again share her 40plus years of experience with Rozome.
wax resist and wax crackling

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Our Silk Painter's of Atlanta & beyond first annual show of work is currently at the SEFAA Center ( for a month.

Seen here are works by Martha Andreatos, Susan Big, and Kathy Scofield.

More work from Margaret Aigner, Susan Big, Kathy Scofield, Hellenne Vermillion and Martha Andreatos.

Workshop on Framing of Silk Pieces, etc

Martha Andreatos gave us a wonderful workshop on framing our silk pieces. She showed us how to adhere silk to a purchased canvas with matte medium, how to wrap a silk piece over a stretcher bar frame over a layer of flannel, and how to paint matte medium on the edge of a silk hanging piece to stop fraying. 

Martha Andreatos showing one of her nude silk painting pieces she had adhered to stretched canvas.

Examples of various methods of framing silk pieces.

Sue M and Cici L having fun during the workshop.

Martha demonstrating how to wrap silk around a stretcher bar frame.

Quilting flannel (acid free) is added first to the stretcher frame to create a padding for the silk.

Taking care of the corners.

Using acrylic matte medium to "glue" silk to purchased canvas.