Monday, September 14, 2015

Silk Painters of Atlanta GA Chapter Meeting RESUMES September 19

Silk Painters of Atlanta Georgia Chapter will resume its meeting Saturday September 19th

Anyone who is interested in silk painting welcome! Come learn what it's all about.

It's this Saturday September 19th
from 2:30-4:30
at 800 Miami Circle off of Piedmont Road.

On the first floor underneath the stairs you will see Sally B's Skin Yummies. This is where we will meet.

Our topics will be:

+++ Business, financial report, whether we want to continue being a member of SEFAA as a group (pros and cons)
+++ Silk Painters Show at the gallery in Shellman, GA. This is the gallery in SW Georgia that several of us have had great success in showing and selling. I need a confirmation on those committing to the show.
+++ Sewing on Silk, a demo on making narrow hemmed edges on the machine, samples of rolled hems on the serger, and perhaps a lesson on rolled blind hem hand stitching
+++ Show & Tell: bring what you've been working on and share!

email me at if you're coming