Sunday, October 5, 2014

Oct 6 Silk Painters of Atlanta Meeting

Wow, Karen Barefield gave a fantastic presentation at our Silk Painters of Atlanta meeting today! Karen had an opportunity to take a workshop with Karen Sistek of Magic Sizing fame and did a quick demo for us.
This is the beautiful silk painting she did at the workshop mounted onto canvas.


Karen showed us from spraying the silk with Magic Sizing, to explaining the different solutions of "dilutant," to how blend the dye. We each had a turn at trying out this technique.

Karen prepared this piece for us to try out the technique.

Magic Sizing is sprayed onto the silk and let to dry. A drawing is then sketched onto the silk.

The four different "diluting" solutions: alcohol, alcohol and vodka, Magic Sizing and alcohol, and a mix of alcohol, Magic Sizing, and vodka.

First wet the area using a clean Q-tip with the Mix solution.
Paint with a dry brush and blend well.

Tape and straight silk pins hold the silk to the frame.

Recommended pencil.

We also had Show-n-Tell.
Karen painted and sewed this vest. She will be adding one of her glass buttons she made for the closure. Note her glass bead necklace she made. We also got to purchase some of her gorgeous glass beads she makes.

Back of vest.

Loretta painted this scarf using techniques she learned at SPIN in Deborah Younglaoh's class.  Images were outlined and highlighted with black Resistad.

How fun is this puffer fish scarf by Margaret A?

Margaret dyed and sewed this top. The bottom is stretchy silk she dyed.

Another fun scarf by Margaret A.

Susan B did shibori dyeing on this piece. I see a man in the center with a pink mustache holding herring.

Another beautiful shibori piece by Susan B.

A large piece of yardage Susan B did in shibori in gorgeous colors for a special friend.

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  1. Lovely work by all, thank you for sharing!

    Joy Light, designer